22 things to do at 22

This time next week it will be my 22nd birthday, and not only will I be blasting Tay-Tay’s “I’m feeling 22” (as all 22 year olds should do) but I’ll be venturing to Disneyland Paris for the very first time. So as the excitement builds for the trip, I started thinking about my 21st year, what I have achieved and generally what a year it has been. Very much inspired by Lissa and her post 25 before 25, I decided to pull together a post including what I’d like to do while I’m 22, almost like goals, resolutions and just a few little things I can say I have achieved when I reach 23 (oh god now that sounds scary!). So enjoy! And good luck to 22 year old me.


  1. Drink more water – I’ve recently started this one already, but would like to keep it up. Be warned if you are thinking about taking this one up. You pee. A lot.
  2. Read more – I read every now again before bed, but I’d like to try to read more generally, as I do enjoy it.
  3. Go to Edinburgh – After seeing Daisy and Alice at NYE, and talking about a potential trip here, I’ve decided this should definitely happen!
  4. See my uni chums more – We’re all in our different places across the country, but meet ups are a must!
  5. Take more photos with my camera (and use that expensive degree of mine) – I’d just generally like to rediscover my love for photography, and blogging is definitely helping me with.
  6. Go on more adventures – There is so much out there, even around London, so I’d definitely like to visit more places.
  7. See my girls more often – We definitely meet up a lot but definitely needs to be more regular! So if you’re reading this Rosie, Tanya, more reunions please!
  8. Get a job – I spoke about the trouble of graduate hunting, but finding a job and liking it would be great.
  9. Keep running – I’ve kept this up for 3-4 months, so 22 year old Pippa keep going!
  10. Give blood – I’ve registered, but I’d really like to finally do it, so why not this year.
  11. Keep blogging – I’d like to keep up blogging at least once a week, as I enjoy not only writing and creating the posts, but reading other blogs too.
  12. Another trip to Center Parcs – We’ve made the tradition to go for the past two years (at 20 and 21) so at 22 would be great.
  13. Make new friends – Perhaps this may come from a new job but it would be great to meet some new people.
  14. Eat healthier – stay off the chocolate, and more on the fruit.
  15. Think before I buy – AKA buy less, I need to start thinking “Do I really need this?”
  16. Save money – Of course a job and earning might be needed for this one, but saving where I can.
  17. Try to go on social media less – Maybe days free from technology, it might be eye-opening…
  18. Do something special for my mum – It’s a milestone birthday for her this year, and I’d really like to do something special for her, and just generally show her that she does mean the world to me.
  19. Get out more – Just like to get out more, do more things, see more places.
  20. Stop overthinking – Again I spoke about this in the joys of graduate job hunting, but it needs to stop, no good comes from it!
  21. Cook more – Cook for my family, try new recipes, that sort of thing.
  22. Be more happy. 

So 22 year old Pippa, hopefully you will achieve those little goals, and your year will be a good one. Thanks for reading, and feel free to think about a few things you’d like to achieve in your next year!


16 thoughts on “22 things to do at 22

  1. annasadventures25 says:

    LOVE your blog! 😍 Totally going to steal some of your ideas for my 20 before 20 post I’ve been working on! You’re so right about the water thing -there’s just so. much. pee!! 😂😂
    I hope you manage to accomplish everything!
    Anna x


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